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Bandbiography, last update 10th August 2013:

After leaving FREEDOM CALL in the end of 2005,
bassist, songwriter and producer Ilker Ersin started to work on his own band POWERWORLD.
He wrote all the songs, produced the demos and searched for musicians to complete the band.
His old friend Barish Kepic (ex-Jaded Heart) became the guitarist.
Young unknown vocalist Steffen Brunner, keyboard player Nils Neumann (ex-Freedom Call) and drummer Jürgen Lucas (ex-At Vance)
completed the initial line-up for recording the songs of the "POWERWORLD" debut album in the studio.
During this time the band signed a worldwide record deal with Metal / AOR Heaven.
Ilker completed the final mixes and Achim Köhler (Brainstorm, Primal Fear, Edguy, Avantasia, Sinner etc.) did the mastering
of the songs for the first CD.
The selftitled POWERWORLD debut album was released in March 2008 in Europe,
and in April / May 2008 in the USA / Canada and Japan.
Due to the fact that Brunner and Lucas set their priority to the activities of their local coverband,
POWERWORLD were unable to play live.
Ersin, Kepic and Neumann started work on the second album in order to fulfil their contract with the record company,
without a drummer and singer, who left the band.
They found someone who was able to play the new material in the studio in just a few days
in the form of drummer Simon Michael of Subway To Sally.
While the drum recordings were taking place, the band started to search for a suitable vocalist.
After a short time the former Sargant Fury / Threshold frontman Andrew”Mac”McDermott was found,
who brought the necessary vocal self-identity and musical maturity to give the necessary polish to the songs,
which were now “rockier” and differed from the songs in the debut album.
Once the vocal recordings had been made, drummer Achim Keller of ex-Victory / Pump became the new drummer and
full member of POWERWORLD, therefore completing the line-up.
With this line-up the band switched record labels and moved from Metal / AOR Heaven to the more well-known label
SPV / Steamhammer.
SPV / Steamhammer signed a worldwide deal with POWERWORLD in August 2010.
The new album "HUMAN PARASITE" was released 2010 in Europe on October 22nd and in the USA / Canada on November 9th.
The band played a European tour in February / March 2011, unfortunately without singer Andrew McDermott,
who had serious health problems and was unable to accompany the band.
He was replaced by ex-Jaded Heart vocalist Michael Bormann, who sang the backing vocals on "HUMAN PARASITE".
The tour turned out to be a major success for POWERWORLD.
The band played to sold-out venues every night as the support band for
Axel Rudi Pell.
Michael Bormann sang Mac's vocals every night as though they were his own, and rescued the tour for POWERWORLD.
After the tour, POWERWORLD put all of its activities on hold to give Mac the time that he needed to make a good recovery.
Unfortunately, Mac did not recover from his illness as expected, and he left the band by his own request.
Andrew"Mac"McDermott died in August 2011.
He succumbed to kidney failure after being in a coma for four days.
The world had lost a friendly, nice, honest and warm-hearted person.
Shocked and stunned by the death of their singer, Barish Kepic, Nils Neumann and Achim Keller left the band.
Ilker Ersin replaced them with Marco Grasshoff on keyboards, Guido Gallus on the drums and Andreas Rippelmeier on guitar
and started writing the songs for the band‘s third album "CYBERSTERIA" which he dedicated to Andrew McDermott.
They were then joined by internationally renowned vocalist David Reece,
but unfortunately Reece and Ersin did not see eye to eye with regard to musical direction,
and Reece returned to the USA after the preproduction phase at the end of October 2012.
Ilker Ersin then put production on hold for a month and contacted vocalist Michael Bormann again,
who was planned for the backing vocals.
Michael Bormann recorded the vocals for "CYBERSTERIA" in two weeks in his own RMB studio in Duisburg.
The third album "CYBERSTERIA" from Ilker Ersin's band POWERWORLD was released 2013 in Europe on
May 24th , and in the USA / Canada on June 18th .





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